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Healing HPV & Dysplasia Naturally: A Holistic Approach

Herbs to heal HPV and dysplasia naturally

If you’ve been diagnosed with HPV or have been told that you have ‘precancerous’ cervical changes or cervical dysplasia, there’s a good chance you’re already in panic mode.

It’s extremely overwhelming and scary, and sadly, many practitioners don’t reassure or guide you on how to heal HPV naturally.

But actually, you DO have options for healing HPV and the abnormal cells it can lead to. And you can do this without surgery or standard medical procedures.

I am writing this to help anyone facing an HPV diagnosis that may be looking to take a more natural approach to fully heal their cervical dysplasia and overcome the virus.

What is HPV?

HPV stands for human papillomavirus, the most common sexually transmitted infection. Millions of people have the virus, but most do not even know they have the infection, as they never develop symptoms or health problems from it. According to the CDC, there were about 43 million HPV infections in 2018.

The good news is that the vast majority of HPV cases go away on their own. Your immune system does its job and takes care of it.

But for those who are unable to clear HPV on their own, it can cause problems down the line. That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Detecting HPV and Abnormal Cells

You did it, you went in for your routine pap smear… only to learn that your pap smear and/or your HPV test was abnormal.

You've been sent in for your next step, usually a procedure called a colposcopy, where your gynecologist will take a closer look at your cervix and possibly take tissue samples. This biopsy evaluation will show what level of abnormal cells you have: low, moderate, or high, also called CIN-1, CIN-2, or CIN-3.

If the cells are considered to be more abnormal (closer to cancer cells), conventional medicine would suggest either a LEEP procedure to laser the cells away or a “cone biopsy” to remove more tissue. Of course, we all want to address any abnormal cells as soon as possible. But these procedures don't come without risk, unfortunately. While some may only have some minor bleeding and no other side effects, all of the following have been reported after one or more LEEP procedures:

  • Potential for preterm birth or having a low birth weight baby

  • Trouble getting pregnant

  • Miscarriages – Per one study from 2015, a total of 116 cases of miscarriage (18.1%) was reported among those previously treated with LEEP.

  • Depression

  • Cervical Stenosis: changes or scarring in the cervix from the removal of tissue

  • Chronic pelvic pain

  • Pain during sex

  • Inability to orgasm and low libido

However, removing the cells does NOT address the root cause of defeating the virus, so often the abnormal cells will continue to reappear.

I've seen women walk away from the doctor’s office after an HPV diagnosis feeling:

  • Terrified for their health

  • Intimidated to ask more questions

  • Out of control of their own bodies

  • Unsupported and isolated

  • And worst of all, uninformed

The good news is... you can change this.

Healing HPV and Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

You’ve taken an important first step – getting informed so that you can be your own health advocate.

After helping many women reverse abnormal pap smears and HPV (in as little as 3-4 months!), I’d love for you to benefit from these methods too. I’ve even seen that you can not only clear your HPV… but you might be surprised to find other lingering health concerns clear up as well!

So where do you start? While every one of my client protocols is unique to their needs, here are some of my go-to's for HPV treatment:

Step 1

Focus on the basic lifestyle changes: A healthy diet (see step 2), exercise, sleep, stress management, and connecting with nature. You’ve heard about these before and we all know they can go a long way when implemented correctly.

Step 2

Healing Foods: Remove the troublemaker foods that feed the HPV virus such as eggs, dairy, gluten and incorporate lots of leafy greens, fruits, and HPV healing foods such as wild blueberries, cilantro, artichokes, sprouts, sweet potatoes, ginger, and raspberry leaf tea.

Step 3

Tailored Immune Support: We can work on a specific protocol tailored to your unique needs. A few of my go-to's for HPV treatment are:

  • Celery Juice

  • Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie including Spirulina & Barley Grass Juice Powder (two incredible healing superfoods)

  • Chaga Mushroom

  • Reishi Mushroom

  • Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin C (as Micro-C)

  • Zinc (liquid zinc sulfate)

  • + many more

Become Your Own HPV Success Story

With the right support, your body can heal HPV and the abnormal cells it causes long before it ever progresses to cancer. If you’re dealing with HPV or abnormal cells, I’d love to chat with you about a customized protocol that could help you see extraordinary results.

PS – Already had a LEEP? Just found out you have HPV? Wherever you are on the journey – and no matter what treatment choices you’ve already made – I would be honored to help you find the path forward toward healing. Book a free call to learn how.


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