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Ingredio Level Up Program

Join the Ingredio Level Up Program:
A 3-month intensive coaching program offering personalized 1 on 1 support from me.

Ana Sides, Ingredio Holistic Health Practitioner

The 3-month Ingredio Level Up Program is designed for people who want to make positive changes toward their health and live symptom-free.

This will be a personal, enjoyable, and transformative journey, with YOU entirely at the center. I'll provide comprehensive guidance, keep you on track toward your goals, assist you in overcoming any obstacles or limiting beliefs, and join you in celebrating your achievements.​

At the end of the program, you will:​​

  • Understand the root cause of your symptoms

  • Reduce physical symptoms with the goal of achieving remission

  • Be an expert at understanding your body

  • Identify your triggers to regain control

  • Find food and body freedom

  • Feel less overwhelmed and more empowered

When you join the 3-month program you'll get access to:


Intuitive Discovery

We will do a deep dive into your health history and review your current status, as well as define your desired goals for the upcoming 3 months.


1 on 1 Sessions

We will have 2 video calls every month, making a total of 6 calls. Each of these calls will last for 40 minutes. The inital call will be 90 minutes.


Unlimited Email & Text Support

You can reach out via email and text whenever you need support between our sessions to keep you motivated, accountable, and connected.


Full Custom Protocol 

We will implement healing strategies that are fully tailored to your unique needs. These strategies include nutritional therapy, detoxification, tailored herbs & supplements, emotional and spiritual support, and life coaching. This allows you to heal at a sustainable, steady, and safe pace.

Who is this not for?

This isn't the right program for you if....

  • You are looking for a magic pill or a quick fix 

  • You are resistant to making lifestyle and dietary adjustments for lasting change

  • You are not willing to put in consistent time each day, especially first thing in the morning

  • You have a closed or overly skeptical mindset toward alternative therapies

  • You don’t like to receive feedback and suggestions

I am ready to be fully supported for 3 months to regain my health

$1,140 or 3x $380

The ILU program has limited availability. We will be selecting individuals who are highly motivated, prepared, and closely align with the program's goals. Please ensure to complete the application thoroughly.

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